Consultancies done by Prof.H.P.Garg
S. No. Consultancies done by Prof. H.P.Garg
Industry/ Organisation Cost (Rs.) P.I.
1. Designing of a miniature gas plant (1981) Hindustan Everest Tools Rs.4000/- Prof.H.P.Garggobar
2. Study of the application of biomass energy for (1981) use in factory Hindustan Everest Tools, New Delhi Rs.4000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
3. Designing and fabrication of solar cooker (1982) Hindustan Everest Tools, New Delhi Rs.4000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
4. Commercial manufacture of solar stills (1982) Hindustan Everest Tools, New Delhi Rs.8000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
5. Design of hot box type
solar cooker (1982)
Orissa Industries Rourkela Rs.1500/- Prof.H.P.Garg
6. Design of improved domestic solar water heater (2001t) (1982) Orissa Industries Rourkela Rs.2500/- Prof.H.P.Garg
7. Development of solar water heating system (1983) Bharat Solar Energy New Delhi Rs.11580/- Prof.H.P.Garg
8. Designing a fibre-glass type solar still (1983) OSAW, Ambala Rs.1000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
9. Designing of a solar water heater of 1000 litres capacity, (1983) OSAW, Ambala Rs.1000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
10. Low cost built-in-storage solar water heater (1984)
Sen-Harvic, Bombay Rs.2500/- Prof.H.P.Garg
11. Designing of a solar energy pre-heater of the capacity of 5000 litres of water per day upto 75 deg C (1986) S.K.M.Fabrics Bombay Rs.9000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
12. Design anddevelopment of solar evaporator (1987)
Modi Zerox Ltd. Rs.12000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
13. Designing of thermosyphon solar water heater (100 lt) for sub zero temperature
NEDA, Lucknow Rs.20000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
14. Solar powered chicken brooder (1988) NEDA, Lucknow Rs.20000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
15. Designing of R.C.C. solar still (1988) NEDA, Lucknow Rs.20000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
16. Methods for descaling of solar water heating collectors (1988) NEDA, Lucknow Rs.10000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
17. Designing of G.I.flat plate collector (1989)
Tungabhadra Steel Ltd.,Tungabhadra Dam Rs. 5000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
18. Designing a suitable heat recoveryand heating unit and energy audit
for XL-industry (1990)
X-L Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Rs.200000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
19. Designing of a solar crop dryer (1991) NEDA, Lucknow Rs.70000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
20. Review of teaching / learning material in Renewable Energy (1991) UNESCO Rs.70000/- Prof.H.P.Garg & Dr. T.C. Kandpal
21. Testing report on various solar systems
NEDA, Lucknow Rs.40000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
22. Design and evaluation of passive building
NEDA, Lucknow Rs.19000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
23. Development of Course structure, learning material for P.G. students (1992-93) UNESCO Rs. 58000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
& Dr. T.C. Kandpal
24. Characterisation of black coating BHEL Rs. 10000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
25. Comparative assessment of solar cookers
NEDA Rs. 10000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
& Dr. T.C. Kandpal
26. Photovoltaics Systems Design and Implementation RES, Hyderabad Rs.1,15,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
27. Techno-economic feasibility study of the commercial conversion of Assam coal and refinery residues into liquid fuels using HRI-Coal oil co-processing
Oil India Ltd. Assam Rs.2,00,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg & Dr. H.S. Rao
28. Designing a controller for solar panel 72 watts, 12 volt Battery for Telecom
X-L Telecom. Hyderabad Rs. 10,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
29. Solar Photovoltaic Training programme
Siemens India Ltd. New Delhi Rs.4,10,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
& Dr. J.C. Joshi
30. Simulation study of relative effectiveness of Acrylic 500 Insulpaint STP Ltd., New Delhi Rs. 8000/- Prof.H.P.Garg & Dr. T.C. Kandpal
31. Advising INDFOS Industries Ltd. in Renewable Energy Systems INDFOS, New Delhi Rs. 30,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
32. Development of curriculam
for ITI's & Polytechnics
MNES Rs. 30,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg & Dr. T.C. Kandpal
33. Development of Laboratory manual
UNESCO Rs.2,45,000/- Prof. H.P. Garg & Dr. T.C. Kandpal
34. Selected Options for stabilizing GHS emission
GEF/TERS Rs.5,16,000/- Prof. H.P. Garg
35. Learning package on Financial evaluation of RET's MNES Rs.4,00,000/- Prof. H.P. Garg & Dr. T.C. Kandpal
36. Calculation of black surface temperature Cherrington Asia Inc. Rs. 10,000/- Prof. H.P. Garg
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