Sponsored Projects
List of sponsored R/D projects with Prof.H.P.Garg
S. No. Project Title Sponsoring organisation Cost (in Rs.) Principal
1. Design and development of advanced flat-plate collectors (1981-84)
DNES Rs.3,69,390/- Prof.H.P.Garg
2. Development of inexpensive collector for agricultural requirements (1981-83)
TERI Rs.1,72,870/- Prof.H.P.Garg
3. Development of shallow solar pond for industrial process heat (1982-84)
DNES Rs.1,28,600/- Prof.H.P.Garg
4. Mathematical modelling and simulation of solar drying system (1984-86)
ICAR Rs.2,90,200/- Prof.H.P.Garg
5. Development and demonstration of solar energy concentrator for photovoltaic panels (1986-89) DNES Rs.2,75,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
6. Design analysis and studies on solar collector with heat transfer fluids (1986-90)

DNES Rs.4,13,510/- Prof.H.P.Garg
7. Development, demonstration and moniotoring of solar timber drying system (1988-92) DNES Rs.9,91,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
8. Evaluation of solar green houses for optimizing design for various climatic zones (1989-2) DNES Rs.2,83,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
9. Training, Research and development of combined UNESCO photovoltaic and thermal hybrid system (1990-91)
DNES Rs.93,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
10. Preparation of teaching /training materials for energy engineering (1992)

UNESCO Rs.91,800/- Prof.H.P.Garg
11. UNESCO Chair project in Energy Engineering Education (1992-93) UNESCO Rs.1,25,066/- Prof.H.P.Garg
12. Optimization designing and development of an integrated solar multiple crop/grain drying system (1993-1995)
MNES Rs.6,56,066/- Prof.H.P.Garg
13. Development & demonstration of thermal energy storage technology for low/ intermediate temperature applications (1993-1995) MNES Rs.8,60,850/- Prof.H.P.Garg

UNESCO Chair Project in Energy Engineering
Education (1993-1997)

UNESCO 4,30,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
15. HybridPhotovoltaic/Thermal Utilization System
AICTE Rs.23,00,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
16. Solar Tunnel drying system
ICAR Rs.7,20,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
17. Studies on storage type solar water heater AICTE Rs.5,00,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
18. Development of Solar dryer MNES Rs.6,70,000/- Prof.H.P.Garg
19. Design, Development and Demonstration of a Multi-Effect Solar Distillation System
MNES Rs.9,32,700 Prof.H.P.Garg
20. Design, Development & Simulation of Solar Thermal Devices DST Rs.6,60,900 Prof.H.P.Garg
21. Mapping of S&T Needs Inventorization and
Documentation of location specific problems for Science and Technology Interventions in Madhya Pradesh
DST Rs.10,46,000 Prof.H.P.Garg
22. Establishment of Technology Management Centre at MAPCOST
DSIR 46,10,000 Prof.H.P.Garg& Dr. R. Dobhal

National (Natural) Resources Information
System (NRIS)

DOS Rs.10,69,00,000 Dr. S.Khan &
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