Ph.D Students Supervised
Research Students Guided for Ph.D. degree

Prof. H. P. Garg guided the following 26 students to successful completion of the Ph.D. degree.

S. No. Title of Thesis
NameCandidate Year of Award
1. Analysis and Optimization of solar collectors for heating of fluids. Usha Rani 1981
2. Design analysis and studies on some solar air heaters. V.K. Sharma 1982
3. Investigations on thermal trap type solar energy collectors for domestic water and space heating.
Sant Ram 1982
4. Some design studies on solar energy concentrators. Aman Dang 1982
5. Studies on solar air heaters for crop drying. R.B. Mahajan 1983
6. Thermal modelling of some solar water heaters. M.S. Hussain 1983
7. Some studies on solar air and water heaters. Gouri Datta 1983
8. Optical and thermal modelling of some tubular solar collectors. S.Chakravertty 1984
9. Theory and applications of evacuated tubular solar collectors. Indrajit 1986
10. Some studies on solar distillation and water heating systems.
Madhuri 1986
11. Some studies on the measurement and estimation of solar radiation. Sat Narain 1986
12. Heat transfer studies on solar energy
collector-cum-storage systems.
D.S.Hrishikesan 1987
13. Evaluation of passive techniques in non-conditioned buildings. Rashmi Rakshit 1987
14. Design, development and performance
studies of some solar air heaters and dryers for agricultural applications.
Rai Ajai Pat Ray 1988
15. Mathematical modelling of solar drying systems
Sanjay Sharma 1990
16. Studies on solar photovoltaic- thermal (PV/T) systems R.K.Agarwal 1990
17. Evaluation of the performance of various solar energy collector systems

Ratna Choudhary 1991
18. Design analysis and studies on some noval solar collector for air, water and space heating.
Ranjana Jha 1991
19. Investigations on Low and Medium temperature solar collector/storage and collector -reflector/systems
R.K. Tyagi 1995
20. Computer modelling of a controlled environment greenhouse
Roy F. Sutar 1995
21. Techno-economic designs of solar air heaters and rockbed energy storage unit and their applications for drying
P.M. Chauhan 1995
22. Performance studies of various design of
buildings by using different heating and
cooling concepts
Neeraja Lugani 1996
23. Energy demand assessment and supply options for some primary food processing industries in India Tarun Kapur 1996
24. Computer based thermal modelling of solar crop drying systems integrated with thermal energy storage
R.K. Goel 1997
25. Investigations on solar thermal modelling of buildings and thermal storage options for space conditioning
V. Bhardwaj 1998
26. Thermal modelling and performance evaluation of greenhouse
Surendra Kothari 1999
27. Photovoltaic / thermal utilization system
H.K. Das 2004
28. Management of Energy Systems              V.S. Bejoy      2006
29. Greenhouse gas mitigation
Rashmi Kadian
30. Enviornmental Impact Asses ment Renu Singh 2008
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